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Custom Precision Faceted Gemstones

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 "The Blueprint Series" ™  



"SYNERGY" 155 facets, 117.25cts., 31mm., Natural Russian Optical Quartz!


"Shield of Peace"

Shield O.P.

Left Above is Copy @ 22.63cts.                       Right Above is Original @ 22.36cts.


Synergy 25mm. 59.50ct.


Synergy 16mm.15.05ct.


Heart 17mm. 15.75ct.


Heart 16mm. 12.07ct.

Diamond Cut Round

15.5mm. 11.41ct.

Custom faceted "Moon Star" Crescent Moon With Star

Moon Star

19mm. 19.07ct.





Illumination 20.5 x 20.5mm. 41.26ct.

Amenti 26 x 26mm. 41.41ct.

Heart with "V" @ 18mm. x 18mm. 16.95 ct.










Neon Colored Gem Material

"Amenti" 32.80cts.


"Synergy" 5.30cttw.


"Trinity" 8.40cts.


"Melissae" 21.80cts.

"Illumination" 28.35cts.

"Transcendence" 17.45cts

Star of David Cut Amethyst

Star of David


"Alexandria" 12.66cts.



 Star of David


"Contained Forces"


 "Celestial" 4.93cts.



"Infinity" 10.77cts.

"Mariah" 9.34cts.


"Transcendence" 15.7mm. 19.20cts.


"Pleiades" 6.09cts.

Contained Forces 19mm. 23.90ct.


7.77ct. 9 fold symmetry



8.55ct. 7 fold symmetry


11.09ct. 11 fold symmetry

Trinity 6.5mm. 1.28cttw.

Trinity 9mm. 4.25cttw.

Amenti 13mm. 5.58ct.


"Sun Light" 9mm. 4.73cttw.

"Transcendence" 7mm. 3.64cttw.

Alexandria 22mm. 50.80ct.




Color Change Garnet Daylight Color

Color Change Garnet Daylight 2.52ct 8.5x8.5mm.

Color Change Garnet Daylight Color Pavilion


Color Change Garnet Incandescent Light Color

Color Change Garnet Incandescent Light

Color Change Garnet Incandescent Light Color Pavilion













Aquamarine Barion 11.89ct

Natural Aquamarine Barion Precision faceted Gemstone

Aquamarine  Barion 9.70ct.

Natural Amethyst


Green Tourmaline Specialty Faceted Gemstone


Tanzanite Nice Deeper Blue Custom Faceted Cushion Barion Brilliant


Nigerian Pink Tourmaline Lucky Seven Custom Cut Gemstone



Custom Faceted Lemon Quartz Princess Checker Top Brilliant

Lemon Quartz

Natural African Sapphire Fancy Color slight Color Shift Brilliant Cushion Cut


Man Made Sapphire


Custom Aquamarine Triangle Faceted Gem Natural Un-Heated

Aquamarine 6.10ct.


Natural untreated Yellow Sapphire with Blue Stripe

Blue/Yellow Stripe Sapphire 1.10ct


Natural color change sapphire "memitic inclusions"

Color Change Natural Sapphire

Hessonite Garnet with "Heat Wave Effect"

Color Shift natural tanzanian Sapphire from Songea cut in a bright triangle .55ct. 5mm.x5mm.x5mm.


Lemon Quartz Checkertop


First Finished Cut Gem done with XS3 & "Darkside™" polishing Lap cerium polished.






Quartz 80.70cts. 26.5x26.5mm





Barion Oval Quartz 51.25mm.x34.1mm. 1.6oz. @ 46grams @ 227carats +/- my scale only measures to 100cts.

Faceted with XS3, Polished with Gearloose "Darkside™" lap with Cerium Oxide


Tanzanite 25.29ct.

Lemon Citrine Quartz

33.567ct. Tsavorite Garnet and Copy in Lemon Quartz


7.80ct. Included Quartz


Inclusions can be FUN!


12.52ct. Georgia Amethyst

Beryllium (Be) treated Natural Sapphire

Beryllium (Be) Treated Sapphire 1.03ct.

Mexican Opal

Spessartite Garnet 5.66ct.


Color Shift Sapphire

Incandescent Light

Purple w/Pink Center

 Incandescent Light




Rhodolite Garnet with interesting inclusions

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